Lemon Law in Wyoming

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According to Wyoming’s lemon law, if the vehicle’s manufacturer, agent, or authorized dealers are not able to conform the vehicle to its express warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the manufacturer is required to accept return of the vehicle and either replace it with a new or comparable car, or pay a refund.

Under Wyoming lemon law, if a vehicle’s nonconformity has been subject to repair more than three times and the nonconformity still exists, or if the vehicle has been out of service for repairs for thirty business days, it may be considered a lemon. On the other hand, if the nonconformity does not impair a vehicle’s use or value, or is the result of the consumer’s abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modification to the vehicle, the lemon law does not apply. Additionally, if a consumer in Wyoming fails to contact the manufacturer with written notification or provide the manufacturer with a reasonable opportunity to fix the defect, the lemon law does not apply.

Each state’s lemon law is subtly different, although there are many similarities. To continue to learn more about the lemon law in California as well as across the United States, check back with our blog regularly.

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