Maine Lemon Law

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While every state has a lemon law, not every law is exactly the same. Therefore, it is important to understand what is and is not covered to protect you and your loved ones.

Maine lemon law provides various forms of protection for new car owners, as well as owners of used cars under certain circumstances. Under Maine lemon law, if a new vehicle does not conform to the express warranties, the consumer must report the nonconformities to the manufacturer who is obligated to repair the problem free of charge.

If the manufacturer or its authorized dealer cannot fix a defect that affects the vehicle’s use, value, or safety after a reasonable number of attempts under the warranty, they must replace the vehicle or refund the consumer’s money. The refund covers the full purchase price or lease payments, collateral charges such as tax and fees, and reasonable costs incurred by the consumer such as towing, storage and alternate transportation (rental cars). Under Maine’s lemon law, a reasonable number of repair attempts includes:

  • Three or more tries for the same nonconformity during the first three years of ownership or 18,000 miles;
  • One or more repair attempt when the nonconformity causes a serious brake or steering failure; or
  • The repair attempts result in the vehicle being out of service for a cumulative total of at least 15 days.

In addition, consumers must notify the manufacturer or dealer in writing of their desire for a refund or replacement. After receiving the consumer’s notice, the manufacturer has one final opportunity to repair the nonconformity before issuing a refund or offering replacement vehicle.

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