Man Says Used Car Dealer Sold Him Totaled Vehicle

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A Texas man is claiming that an auto dealer illegally sold him a totaled vehicle. The dealer, however, denied knowledge of the vehicle's history. According to a news report on KIAH-TV, the consumer discovered the problem two months after purchase, when he tried unsuccessfully to repair the vehicle’s brakes.

The consumer stated in the report that he cannot get auto insurance because of the vehicle history and cannot sell the car. This story is an unfortunate reminder about why consumers need to be extremely cautious and do their research before buying a used car.

Used car fraud occurs when a dealer misrepresents the condition or history of the vehicle. Used car fraud can come in many forms and happens more often than most consumers realize. That is why it is important for consumers to remember that it is the responsibility of the dealer to inform them if:

  • The vehicle has been declared a total loss
  • It is a lemon law buyback
  • It has a salvage title
  • It was a prior rental

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