Man who Stole $50,000 Convicted of I.D. Theft

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A 24-year-old man from Charlotte, North Carolina, was recently convicted of being involved in an identity theft scheme that stole more than $50,000. The defendant was sentenced to 42 months in prison, five years of court supervision following his release and an order to pay $48,736.00 in restitution, according to a report by WBTV.

Court proceedings indicated that the man was engaged in an identity theft scheme that ran from 2008 through 2011. He used credit card accounts from victims to purchase goods and get cash. The man took personally identifiable information including the names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers of six victims to gain access to preexisting credit card accounts, as well as open new cards and receive replacement cards.

The man contacted credit card issuers and used the information he had obtained to convince them he was the victim. Through this process, he received duplicate credit cards in the names of victims and added himself to the account to become an authorized user.

The man pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft.

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