Manufacturers Provide Insurance against Faulty Product Costs

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Dealing with problems that require repeated repairs can be a great burden to a car owner. Not only can it result in substantial financial costs, but also inconvenient trips to the mechanic. What most consumers aren’t aware of is that these underlying problems can be the result of manufacturer errors, and thus the responsibility of the car companies to fix.

Upon discovery of a problem that won’t go away, car companies have a few options for how to proceed. A recent story mentions that companies will most commonly issue a product recall or extend warranty coverage for the problems. However, defective vehicle recalls and extended warranties may not be well publicized, and consumers may be unaware that they are entitled to these benefits.

If you suspect that a recurrent problem with your vehicle is related to a product defect, contact the car manufacturer and request its Product Service Publication index. If your problem is listed on the index, request the related technical service bulletin to determine whether the company covers your vehicle’s repairs. You can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Center for Auto Safety, which also keep records of safety-related automobile recalls.

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that all of their products meet a certain quality standard before being put on the consumer market. If you have recently purchased a vehicle with recurring issues, you may be entitled to compensation for repairs, a replacement vehicle, or your money back. Call lemon law California attorney Howard D. Silver for a free consultation about your case: (855) 341-2611.