Missing Hood Latches Behind Latest Chevrolet Recall

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General Motors LLC has recalled 118,800 pickup trucks due to missing hood latches, which endangers vehicle occupants and is in violation of a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standard. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the pickup trucks being recalled are 2010 - 2012 Chevrolet Colorados and GMC Canyons.

These vehicles may be missing a secondary hood latch, which is meant to ensure the hood stays closed. Should the primary hood latch not lock properly, the secondary latch keeps the hood from unexpectedly opening up while driving due to wind and driving speed.

Additionally, secondary hood latches are required for all vehicles under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 113, “Hood Latch System.” Companies in violation of the rule must recall the vehicles or be penalized for their actions.

General Motors expects to begin the recall on January 17, 2013, when, free of charge, they will look for the secondary latch and replace the hood if necessary.

Vehicle defects can put drivers and their passengers in serious danger, but there is hope. If the defect persists, the vehicle may qualify as a lemon, making it eligible for a refund of your money or a replacement vehicle. To learn more about how the lemon law works, call the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver today at (866) 49-LEMON.