Mother Claims Texas Car Dealer Sold Her Daughter a Lemon Vehicle

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The Victoria Advocate in Victoria, Texas, reports that a mother alleges that a used car dealer knowingly sold her daughter a lemon vehicle. Now, the woman is looking to get back the $3,600 her daughter spent and ensure other customers don’t suffer the same fate.

According to the article, the girl, who graduated recently from high school, saved money from babysitting to purchase a car, finally deciding on a 2000 Volvo. However, a few days after purchasing the vehicle, the transmission slipped and the head gasket malfunctioned, which sidelined the Volvo and left the 17-year-old girl stranded on several occasions. According to the mother, when she complained to the dealer about the problems, the dealer told her to take a hike. The woman is planning to file notice with the dealer to allow him 15 days to correct the problems, and if he fails to do so, she will file a civil lawsuit against him, demanding a full refund of her money or repairs to the vehicle.

Also part of the woman’s complaint is that the dealer allegedly told her and her daughter that the vehicle operated fine and that if it did not, he would repair it. The dealer also reportedly pressured the women to purchase the vehicle without having it inspected. In fact, after the vehicle broke down, an independent mechanic inspected the Volvo and concluded that the vehicle was in bad shape. The mechanic could not say, however, whether the vehicle was defective at the time of purchase.

The vehicle is not protected under the Texas lemon law since the law pertains only to the sale of new vehicles. Additionally, unlike the California lemon law, which does protect used vehicles under specific circumstances, the Texas law only applies if problems arise within the manufacturer’s warranty, and the warranty for the 2000 Volvo ended some time ago. Notwithstanding, the consumer in the Texas case may still have rights against the seller of the Volvo if the they misrepresented the vehicle’s condition.

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