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Best Lemon Law Lawyer in CaliforniaIn a blog published in Headlines and Global News in October, 2016, our attorney, Mr. Howard D. Silver, was named as the number one lemon law lawyer in California! Mr Silver specializes in lemon law, consumer rights laws, and identty theft laws. He is considered a foremost expert in his fields, especially lemon law, and is here to offer his services to you and your family.

What is Lemon Law?

According to California law, a vehicle is considered a lemon if you purchased it and it was defective from its purchase or manufacture. A lemon usually gives you consistent trouble from the minute you buy it and the problem persists even after attempts are made to fix it. California law states that a vehicle can be considered a lemon if the following has occurred:


  • A licensed mechanic has tried to fix the same problem at least two times without success

  • The manufacturer or dealer has attempted to fix the same problem at least four times without it being remedied

  • You were unable to use your vehicle for at least 30 days because of the repairs it required


If you believe you have a lemon, there are legal steps you can take to seek financial compensation, including having your vehicle purchased back by the dealer or manufacturer. Furthermore, if your lemon caused any out-of-pocket expenses while you were attempting to get it fixed, we can help you seek reimbursement for those.

Who to Trust With Your Lemon Law Case?

As the article from Headlines and Global News points out, our attorney has been serving clients in the Los Angeles area for decades and even offers free consultations. Our firm will work with you to learn the important details of your case, seek the help of experts, and find the best way to help you get restitution for a vehicle that you purchased without knowledge of its unfixable problems. As Christian Limpiada of Headlines and Global News wrote, “attorney Howard Silver can help you get back on track and calculate what you deserve.”


Therefore, if you believe that your vehicle is a lemon, please do not hesitate to contact the number one rated lemon law attorney in California, Howard D. Silver today. You can fill out the contact form on this page and we will get right back to you or you can call us at (855) 341-2611. We are proud to serve clients in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and the surrounding California areas.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016