The New Danger Zone: Used Car Dealerships

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As a story in 5TJT reports, used car dealerships are becoming dangerous places to do business. According to the story, 11 people were arrested in Nassau County, NY, after a year-and-a-half long investigation by the property crimes and homicide units of the local Police Department and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Investigators found fraud, corruption and theft rampant at the used car dealership under investigation after the January 2007 shooting of a car salesman in front of the dealership’s offices. When authorities looked more closely at the dealership, they found serious crimes being committed. These illegal acts included identify theft to provide certain buyers with the opportunity to own cars without revealing their own identities.

Officials investigating the case also found many incidences of more common fraudulent used car sales tricks. These included filing false information with lending companies in order to obtain financing, failing to credit customer deposits, switching loan interest rates, adding unreasonable fees and extra costs and insisting on extra insurance and warranties in order to inflate prices as much as possible.

Although this case happened in New York, used car buyers everywhere are reminded to do their homework before shopping for a car. Most of the scams that were perpetrated in New York and at other unscrupulous car dealerships in the country, can be avoided by a careful, knowledgeable shopper.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015