New Jersey Lemon Law May Extend Protection to Farm Equipment

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Many of us rely on our vehicles to get to and from work. In a sense, we depend on our vehicles to make a living. Similarly, farm equipment makes it possible for a business to be successful in providing consumers with desired products in a timely manner. A New Jersey lemon law bill that includes farm equipment has cleared the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee, according to an article on The new bill would apply to any new piece of farm equipment purchased in New Jersey and would financially protect consumers if their equipment is determined to be a lemon.

Currently, New Jersey’s lemon law only covers consumers who purchase a new passenger vehicle or motorcycle in the state. The lemon law does not cover commercial vehicles or motor homes. Consumers are protected for two years from the date they purchase their vehicle or for the first 18,000 miles. In order for a vehicle to be considered a lemon in New Jersey, a specific problem must affect its use, value, or safety. If the current New Jersey lemon law is amended to include farm equipment, owners of farm equipment that are “lemons” may be able to return the machinery for a comparable replacement or a refund of their money.

It is an unfortunate reality that vehicles, and as New Jerseyans have reminded us, farm equipment, often experience reoccurring problems even after a professional has attempted to repair the defect. If you have a vehicle that has been in and out of the repair shop in California for a persistent problem that has yet to be fixed, you may have a lemon. Howard D. Silver is a consumer lawyer who can answer your questions and help you understand your rights under the lemon law in California. Call 1-800-49-LEMON for a free consultation of your lemon law case.