NHTSA Creates Vehicle Recall and Auto Component Notification E-mail System for Consumers

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As a major branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made it easier for consumers to access information about vehicle and auto part recalls. Anyone with a working e-mail address can subscribe to the NHTSA’s Recall Notification E-mail System. Those who wish to register their e-mail address with NHTSA can select what type of auto component they would like to receive recall announcements for, including tires, child restraints, motorcycles, helmets, motorcycle equipment, and school buses. Moreover, there is an option to select up to five specific make and model year vehicle combinations. An individual can also choose to receive an e-mail regarding all vehicle recalls on a weekly basis.

According to NHTSA, prior to 2002, the agency on average received the following number of recalls per year:



  • 20 tire recalls
  • 8 child restraint recalls
  • 600 vehicle recalls

Vehicles can be recalled for various reasons, from a potential steering defect to poor door-lock design. On the other hand, a person who owns or leases a vehicle may experience reoccurring problems even after a number of repair attempts. If a consumer in California has encountered issues with a vehicle that affects its use, value or safety, they may have grounds to pursue a California lemon law claim. To learn more about your legal rights and options, get in touch with California auto attorney Howard D. Silver. Call (855) 341-2611 today for a free consultation.