Number 1 on Consumer Holiday Wish-List: Used Car Buyers Guide Update

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According to a article, state lemon-law administrators, consumer groups, and the attorneys general from 40 states are hoping that the Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Buyer’s Guide receives an update. The F.T.C.’s Buyer’s Guide is required to be placed in every used vehicle by auto dealers. In claiming that the Buyer’s Guide has not been significantly improved since its appearance in 1985, consumer advocates would like to see a change in the current emphasis on warranty information.

Based on the article, the National Association of Attorneys General believe that it is time to protect buyers from rebuilt wrecks, or lemons, that may not be safe, may be overpriced, or both. On the other hand, the article mentions that the National Automobile Dealers Association opposes adding any information about a vehicle’s negative history pertaining to damage because it represents “far-reaching changes” that would “impose significant, costly, and in some cases, impossible burdens on used car dealers.”

Despite the dealers’ association claiming that revealing vehicle damage history could confuse consumers due to the fact that different states use varying terms for badly wrecked vehicles, consumer advocates, and undoubtedly a vast majority of potential auto buyers, strongly believe that any information regarding damage is indeed valuable.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015