Obama Proposes Stronger Laws against Identity Theft

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Earlier this month, President Obama called for stronger laws against identity theft. Recent hackings of major retail chains such as Target, Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot as well as the highly publicized hacking at Sony Pictures Entertainment last month play a major role in Obama's push to strengthen identity theft laws.

"This is a direct threat to the economic security of American families, and we've got to stop it," Obama said.

Obama's proposed plan includes passing laws that will:

  • Require companies to inform consumers within 30 days of a data breach
  • Expand free access to consumer credit rating services
  • Make it a crime to sell customers' identities overseas
  • Prevent companies from selling student data to third parties
  • Prevent companies from using data collected in school for targeted advertising

While Obama acknowledged that each state has established its own policies about notifying consumers of a data breach, he nevertheless urged lawmakers to adopt a national standard that would provide baseline protections to all consumers.

It's still unclear whether the new Republican-led Congress will adopt these measures, but the fact that they are being proposed is an important first step. Identity theft has been a growing problem across the country in recent years. Each year, consumers lose billions of dollars and experience countless hassles in their lives as a result of identity theft.

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Posted Date: 
Friday, January 30, 2015