Phishing Scam Threatens Consumers

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The latest auto scam is targeting users of the internet preying on those looking for a good deal and using phishing techniques to steal victims’ money and personal information. The scam is similar to others that run rampant on online classifieds and car sale sites. A vehicle is listed for sale for well under value by a “newly divorced woman” or an “unemployed man” facing financial challenges. What’s the catch? The seller informs the interested buyer that the car has already been delivered to a shipping service and asks for payment via PayPal (to an unverified address) along with personal information in exchange for shipment of the car to the buyer’s driveway. If it sounds like a “phishy” deal, then your scam sense is sharp.

In reality, these scams create a system for fraudulent sellers to prey upon unsuspecting buyers. Once a buyer’s information and payment is submitted, the seller vanishes into the vapors of online anonymity with the buyer’s money and confidential personal information in tow. Of course, the fictitious car never arrives and the buyer is left with a loss of hundreds to thousands of dollars and an increased vulnerability to identity theft. As reported by 9 News and, the fraud targets buyers seeking many vehicle types, from pickup trucks to high end sports cars.

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