Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Deputy Killed in Horrific Bike Collision

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According to a March 8, 2009 article in the Pasadena Star News, Sheriff’s Deputy, Isaac Zaldivar, was killed in Pico Rivera on Rosemead Boulevard, after his bike hit a Toyota Camry. The 21-year-old Deputy was wearing a helmet and was riding with his younger brother when he was hit by a 75-year-old woman. According to local traffic analysts, the stretch of Rosemead Boulevard where the accident occurred has long been notorious for motorcycle and auto crashes.

Zaldivar passed away at LA County USC Medical Center from numerous traumatic injuries. His younger brother was treated and released with only minor injuries. The day after the accident, dozens of mourners from the area and from Zaldivar’s Department, paid tribute to the fallen motorcyclist.

Unfortunately, Zaldivar’s tragedy is all too common on California’s roads. Innumerable factors go into every motorcycle accident. And it is too soon to determinate precisely what went wrong in this case. However, analysts at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, The California Highway Patrol, and other independent groups, concur that poorly maintained or under-performing bikes contribute to a sizable percentage of bike accident fatalities.

In these types of accidents, aggrieved claimants may be able to hold certain parties liable for injuries and damages. For instance, a motorcycle dealer who sells a lemon motorcycle to a customer -- who then crashes as a direct result of a bike’s poor, lemon-like performance -- can potentially be held liable for medical bills, pain and suffering, wages lost and some legal expenses.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015