Presenting a Challenge for Potential Auto Repairs: Dealership Closes without Informing Car Owners

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An auto dealership is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the new and used vehicles it sells. However, this presents a problem for consumers who need service when the dealership where they purchased their car closes without notice.

Similar to California’s lemon law, in Massachusetts, car owners are provided certain rights if their vehicles have substantial problems that cannot be fixed. A car owner may qualify for a refund or replacement vehicle if after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the problem with the vehicle cannot be fixed. In order for the lemon law to apply, a problem must affect the use, value, or safety of the car. According to the article, approximately 100,000 vehicles can be identified as auto lemons, and some would even speculate that this number could be higher.

No matter which state you call home, if you believe your car is a lemon, seeking legal counsel from a skilled lemon law attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected. As a lemon law attorney in California, Howard D. Silver has helped many consumers obtain a refund or replacement vehicle. To learn more about how the California lemon law may apply to your specific situation, please call 1-(855) 341-2611 for a free consultation.