Problematic Vehicles Causing Headaches Across the U.S. - A Glance at South Dakota's Lemon Law

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In South Dakota, consumers who purchase a used vehicle are not provided the same lemon law protection that consumers receive when they buy a new car.

Consumers in South Dakota who have experienced constant issues with their vehicle can choose to file a claim with the South Dakota office of Consumer Protection. Some car owners may also wish to consult with a lemon law attorney to ensure that all of their legal options are fully understood. It is recommended that car owners describe their vehicle problem in detail and in the same way each time they take it in to be repaired. According to an article, a report has to be made four times for the same problem in South Dakota for a consumer to be protected under the law. It is also advised that a car owner read the auto dealer's documentation and sign it after any work is completed on a vehicle.

In California, documenting repairs for a recurring problem with your car is also important. However, there is no set number of repair attempts for you to qualify for California lemon law protection. Every vehicle lemon law case is different, which is why it is important to understand your legal rights and how they pertain to your specific situation. Reading the Howard Silver California lemon law reference guide is a good step in better understanding how to handle owning a problematic vehicle and avoid buying a lemon. If after viewing this guide you have additional questions, please call lemon law lawyer Howard D. Silver at 1-(855) 341-2611.