Protecting Yourself from Facebook-Based Identity Theft

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With 1.15 billion monthly users, Facebook provides a wide range of possibilities for identity thieves looking to steal vital information online. While not many consider Facebook to be a weak point in their online security, Digital Trends reports there are countless scams occurring on the website every day.

One of the most common tactics includes fake posts and messages asking for votes, likes and clicking on links that lead to pages requesting contact information. Additionally, I.D. thieves have been known to send emails posing as Facebook notifications, informing the target that he or she was tagged in a photo or otherwise mentioned on the social networking site. If a person clicks on a link contained in the fake email, he or she will be connected to a site that downloads viruses and various forms of spam.

I.D. thieves also peruse potential victims’ Facebook pages to glean detailed information for credit cards, passports, and more. It is recommended that you increase privacy settings on the site so that only friends have access to the information you post about yourself.

Increased security settings will help guard against unauthorized access of your account. These include login notifications and approvals, secure browsing and smartphone security settings. You can also check your active sessions to see if anyone else has used your account.

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