Protecting Yourself from Odometer Fraud in California

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Since an odometer displays how many miles a car has traveled, many consumers consider a car’s odometer to be the key factor in determining whether they want to buy a particular vehicle.The general idea is that fewer miles traveled makes a car more reliable since it is likely to have experienced less wear and tear. But what happens if a private owner or used car dealer rolls back the odometer unbeknownst to the new buyer to make it appear as though the vehicle has traveled less miles?

Odometer fraud in California is a serious issue that can potentially lead to vehicle problems, expensive repairs and even place the lives of motorists and passengers at risk. For instance, if a vehicle owner is tricked into believing that their car has thousands of fewer miles than it actually has, they may not take it in for maintenance or other recommended upkeep. As a consequence, of car parts could malfunction, leading to potential problems and accidents.

Car buyers who are deceived into believing that a vehicle has less miles than it actually does typically end up paying more than what the car is worth. It is possible that dealerships may even unknowingly sell vehicles with inaccurate odometers because of wholesalers tampering with odometers before supplying the dealership with vehicles.

Do not allow yourself or those you care about to be fooled by a vehicle with a rolled back odometer. If you have been having problems with your vehicle and suspect that the odometer may have been tampered with before it was sold to you, the California auto fraud attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver can help. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling (855) 341-2611.