Protecting Yourself from Odometer Rollback Fraud

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One of the most common ways auto dealers commit used car fraud is by rolling back vehicle odometers in order to increase the value of the car by making it seem like the car has lower mileage that it actually does. Rolling back odometers is illegal under California and Federal law. It decreases the value of the vehicle and makes it harder to sell the car in the future.

You have a right to recover compensation if you purchase a used car with a rolled back odometer. With more than 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of used car fraud victims in the Los Angeles area, Howard Silver can help you resolve your legal issue. However, wouldn't it be much better if you could avoid the situation entirely?

The following tips will help you reduce the chances of purchasing a car with a rolled back odometer:

  • Check with the DMV to see if they have anything in their records about the vehicle having a rolled back odometer.
  • Obtain a CarFax report or a report from a similar company that describes the history of the vehicle from the time it was first sold to the present.
  • Have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic or dealership you trust that is completely independent from the seller of the car. If the seller refuses to allow you to have the vehicle inspected somewhere else, don't buy the car.
  • Carefully read all of the documents you receive when you purchase the car including all DMV forms. One of the DMV forms requires the seller to indicate whether the mileage on the vehicle is accurate.

If you need assistance with a used car fraud case, please contact the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver today to schedule your free consultation. Mr. Silver serves clients in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, and throughout California.

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, October 28, 2014