Recognizing Common Identity Theft Traps In Los Angeles

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The act of stealing another person’s identity is not a crime unique to this generation. Although identity theft has risen to great prominence in the U.S. today, such acts have been around for centuries. The difference is that today, identity theft can be accomplished in a great many more ways than was previously possible before the creation of today’s technology.

Because identity theft occurs so frequently and in so many ways, it is important to recognize common identity theft traps in Los Angeles and learn how to avoid such techniques in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. Frequent I.D. theft traps today include:

  • Skimming – Criminals create clone cards they can use freely to access another’s funds.
  • Phishing – I.D. thieves pose as a trustworthy businesses in communications with victims to obtain personal information or direct victims to fake websites where they steal information.
  • Trash Rummaging – Criminals sift through a person’s trash to find important documents which have not been properly shredded to discover personal and financial information.
  • Social Network Hacking – Giving out your password or allowing applications to access your private information can lead to vital information being stolen.
  • Stealing – Simply, a thief can steal a person’s credit cards, social security card, checks, or other personal documents.

Being targeted for identity theft can wreak havoc on one’s finances and credit score. Although identity theft is reprehensible, it can be difficult for the victim to obtain relief from the thief. Therefore, California identity theft victim attorney Howard Silver can help with the other players in the equation; creditors, debt collectors and credit bureaus. For more information, call (866) 495–3666 to find out how we can help.