Regulators Still Can't Tie Toyota Recall to Electronic Defect

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U.S. regulators have not been able to link the unintended acceleration problems resulting in a massive Toyota Motor Corporation car recall to any electronic defect, the Dow Jones Newswire reports. A substantial contingent, including members of Congress, consumer advocates and product liability attorneys, are convinced that the acceleration issues can be tied to a defect in the electronic-throttle-control system in the affected vehicles.

Officials looking into the Toyota recall have found that the accelerator problem is only attributable to a poorly designed floor mat that would trap the gas pedal when compressed and the tendency of some pedals to be slow in returning to idle. Both of these factors are physical, not electronic.

The NHTSA has enlisted the assistance of NASA engineers in their ongoing investigation into the causes of unintended acceleration. While the prospect of an electronic cause has not been completely ruled out, thus far perhaps most Toyota car accidents were caused by poorly designed physical components.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015