Spotlight on Rosemary Shahan, Champion of California’s Lemon Law

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Dealing with defective vehicles has been an issue ever since the first car was produced, but consumer protection laws in California and elsewhere are relatively new. Consumers everywhere can thank advocate and founder of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS), Rosemary Shahan, for championing California’s Lemon Law (the first in the nation) and many other federal vehicle regulations over the past several decades.

As reported on by The Los Angeles Times, Shahan started as a college student in California with a bone to pick with a Volkswagen dealer, who, after promising to repair her car, would neither fix it nor return it after months in the shop. Eventually, Shahan went on to push California legislators to pass a vehicle consumer protection bill, which eventually came into existence as the state’s lemon law in 1982. Since its creation, the law has been mostly copied by all 50 states.

After her victory in California, Shahan went on to create Motor Vehicle Owners Together Ending Ripoffs in Washington, D.C., an organization which helped pass a bill requiring airbags in new vehicles in 1989, and CARS in California. In recent years, Shahan has helped create new vehicle regulations and seeks to regulate car rental companies and the way they handle defects.

Thanks to Rosemary Shahan and others like her, California consumers have the right to seek restitution for their lemon vehicles. However, the search is often difficult, with many manufacturers attempting to prevent consumers from receiving what is owed to them. If you believe your vehicle is a lemon, Riverside new car lemon law lawyer Howard D. Silver can help. For more information call (866) 49-LEMON.