Staying Keyed into Car Recalls for Used Vehicles

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Los Angeles Used Car RecallAnyone who regularly reads this blog is familiar with car recalls, as they are written about on a frequent basis. But, knowing that your car has a problem resulting in a recall can be easier to miss than you might think. Also, if you’re not the car’s original owner, how do you know if there’s ever been a recall in a vehicle’s past that predates your ownership or knowledge? The most recent issue of Westways, published by the AAA Automobile Club, has an article on how consumers can efficiently learn about recalls.

Since NHTSA started enforcing safety regulations, there have been over 390 million recalls. Approximately 600 different model cars are called back annually (averaging out to well over one per day). Recalls can involve a wide variety of problems, from major safety issues that can result in fires or accidents to cosmetic defects.

Although for vehicles over 10 years old, carmakers and dealers are not required to perform free recall repairs, they are obligated to make this information available to the public. Regardless of whether your vehicle is used or new, a dealer can search for recalls in an official database by using the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

Many automakers will mail recall notices to owners via current registration records. However, it’s not advisable to wait for action from their end. You can call the car company’s customer service number and ask for information on the particular model car. Or, you can search the NHSTSA website yourself, which has extensive information available to the public.

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