Steering Wheel Recall Issued for 51,000 Nissan Vehicles

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Nissan Motor Co. has issued a recall for approximately 51,000 vehicles after a steering wheel detached from a new sport utility vehicle (SUV) while it was being driven. Nissan will be inspecting the vehicles to determine if they contain a defect, according to Reuters.

Although Nissan believes approximately 600 vehicles are affected by the defect, the recall total is 51,000 in order to find which vehicles these might be. The vehicles being recalled are Qashqai SUVs and NV200 vans, which have been sold around the world.

The recall stems from an incident with a vehicle that had only been driven 500 kilometers. While the vehicle was being driven relatively slowly, the steering wheel completely detached, coming off in the driver’s hands. Nissan has not stated the specifics behind the defect, but has said that it was caused by an “altered manufacturing process” at a supplier. They are currently investigating the problem in order to prevent further incidents and fix any defects that may be affecting their cars.

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