Suspension Corrosion Leads to 11,000 Vehicle Isuzu Recall

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A recent recall announced by Isuzu Motors Ltd. has led to 11,221 vehicles from across the country being called back for repairs of a serious defect. According to the recall released through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), excessive corrosion in some of the manufacturer’s vehicles may lead to suspension failure.

The recall affects Isuzu Amigo vehicles from model years 1998 through 2001 and Isuzu Rodeo Sports from 2001 and 2002. Excessive corrosion may occur around the forward mounting point bracket in the right or left rear suspension lower link. The corrosion may lead to the bracket detaching from the frame of the vehicle, affecting the handling of the cars to the point that a crash may occur.

Recalled vehicles will be inspected by dealers and the problem will be dealt with in different ways depending on the problem. Vehicles that have little corrosion, or none at all, will have an anti-corrosive compound applied to the vulnerable areas of the suspension. If the links have been damaged by corrosion, a reinforcement bracket will be installed, and if the corrosion is deemed too severe for a reinforcement bracket, Isuzu will offer a manufacturer buyback of vehicles for the Kelly Blue Book price.

Inspections and repairs are free of charge; however, vehicles older than 10 years must be brought to an Isuzu dealer within 12 months of notification for the no cost policy to apply.

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