Sweep of Used Car Lots in Kansas City Finds Many State Law Violations

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Fox 4 News in Missouri reported that a recent sweep of used car lots in Kansas City by agents from the Missouri Department of Revenue found many used car lots in violation of several state laws.

Working with Kansas City police, Missouri Department of Revenue agents performed compliance checks on various businesses. These checks made sure used car lots were following revenue laws regarding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) as well as the titling and registering of vehicles. They also checked that the used car lots weren’t taking advantage of the general public.

Police and agents reported discovering businesses that employed illegal immigrants, had illegal drugs on their premises, and even found a chop shop during their sweep. A chop shop is a business that illegally disassembles stolen cars to then sell the vehicle’s parts. Nine used car lots were cited with failing to comply with state licensing requirements. Additionally, a fire marshal found 29 code violations.

Unfortunately, some used car lots and dealerships throughout the United States engage in illegal activities and unfair business practices. Victims of used car fraud who were influenced by the deceptive words or actions of a used car dealer can face many frustrations. Fortunately, if it is discovered that the vehicle was misrepresented at the time of purchase, you may have legal options that can get you into a different car, or even your money back.

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