Tips for Buying a New Car for a Christmas Present

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This is part one of a two-part series on buying a motor vehicle for Christmas. Check back in for the next entry on buying a used car.

Christmas time has arrived and people around the country are looking for the perfect gift for that someone special. For many, a new car is the ultimate present for the one they love. However, the gift of a car may also bring trouble. In to make sure that the car you give this season brings joy instead of sorrow, follow these four guidelines to make sure there are no problems with the vehicle you select.




  1. Be aware of recalls - Even new cars can be subject to dealer recalls because of a defect with the vehicle. When buying a car, check to see if there have been any recalls issued for the model or the line of cars that it belongs to. If there has, make sure the car has been fixed by the dealer.
  2. Watch out for dealer fraud - While many dealers practice ethical sales tactics with consumers, others do not. Car dealer fraud may include hidden fees, price inflation, presenting a used vehicle as a new one, and undervaluing a trade-in. These tactics can cause an unsuspecting car buyer to overpay for a car or purchase one that has been misrepresented by the dealer as being better than it truly is.
  3. Check for damage - Even new cars on dealer lots can suffer damage from weather, accidents, and vandalism. Dealers may try to hide damage or only partially repair what has been broken so that it is not readily apparent to consumers. Make sure to thoroughly check a vehicle that you are interested in purchasing and even have it inspected after purchase if you feel you need to.
  4. Buy a car that suits your loved one - Most important, buy a vehicle that the person you are giving it to will love. If he or she enjoys sports cars, don’t buy a van. Most people will be overjoyed at receiving a new car for Christmas, but buying them a car that suits their taste, not yours, will make it even better.

A new car can be an amazing gift at Christmas, but if it has problems that the dealer can’t fix, you may have a lemon. If you believe that your vehicle qualifies as a lemon contact Southern California lemon law lawyer Howard D. Silver today at (866) 49-LEMON for a free consultation.