Toyota Announces Lexus Recall for Engine Abnormalities

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Toyota has recently recalled approximately 270,000 cars worldwide under its luxury brand name, Lexus, according to a Daily Finance report. The defect sparking the recall involves a faulty valve spring, which may cause abnormal engine noises or idling. In isolated instances, the defect has resulted in the engine shutting off while the vehicle is in operation.

The company suspects that foreign matter contaminating the valve spring during manufacturing caused the problem. In August 2008, Toyota modified its process to produce a thicker spring. Toyota has also instituted improved monitoring of the parts’ production. Toyota first started receiving complaints about the problem in Japan more than three years ago, but failed to issue a recall until earlier this month.

The recall is expected to affect around 138,000 vehicles in the United States, all under the Lexus brand name. The recall only affects cars manufactured before August 2008, as Toyota contends that the problem was fixed in vehicles manufactured after that date. Recalled vehicles will have the valve spring replaced at no charge to the owner.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015