Understand Connecticut Lemon Law

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Connecticut was actually the first state to enact a consumer Lemon Law in the United States. Under Connecticut Lemon Law Statute Chapter 743b, “Automotive Warranties,” consumers are permitted to file a lemon law claim by one of two ways: government supervised arbitration or private litigation against the automotive company.

The lemon law in Connecticut covers new motor vehicles that are bought or leased in the state that:

  • Fail to follow the terms of the carmaker’s express warranty;
  • Possess significant manufacturing problems that affect the function, safety, or worth of the car (not caused by the new owner); or
  • Possess significant manufacturing faults that happened in the first two years of ownership 24,000 miles registered on the odometer, whichever occurs or ends first.

Every claim is treated on a case-by-case basis by the government arbitration panel. However, the likely outcome from a successful Connecticut lemon law case is:

  • An equivalent replacement vehicle issued by the manufacturer; or
  • Repayment of the purchase price with potential deductions for related damages or losses.

Typically, the panel reaches a decision within 60 days from the day that the claim was received.

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