Understanding Motorcycle Defects Affecting Use, Value, & Safety

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Motorcycles offer riders a sense of freedom that is found in few other vehicles; however, the small, fast, and open nature of motorcycles that provides this feeling also makes these vehicles more likely to crash when affected by a defect. Riding a motorcycle properly involves a delicate balance between experiencing top-rate performance by the vehicle and safety.

Similar to other vehicles, a motorcycle may have a problem that affects its use, value, or safety. Many times, these defects are not noticed until they have resulted in an accident or a near-miss. Some forms of motorcycle defects include:





  • Improperly functioning brakes and acceleration;
  • Tire malfunctions;
  • Engine malfunctions;
  • Steering failure; and
  • Electrical system failure.

Any of these can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of the bike, leading to a collision with another vehicle, impact a surrounding hazard, or laying down the motorcycle at high speeds. Under California motorcycle lemon law, if a motorcycle’s defect cannot be fixed by the manufacturer or dealer after a reasonable number of attempts while under warranty, a consumer has the right to a replacement motorcycle or a refund of their money.

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