Understanding Use, Value, and Safety in California Lemon Law

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When discussing the California lemon law or when a vehicle may be deemed a lemon, three words continually pop up: use, value, and safety. But what do these terms really mean and what are their significance to the lemon law? Here’s one way to explain the terminology:

  • Use – A vehicle is meant to fulfill a very specific purpose: allow the driver to travel from point A to point B. This is the most basic definition of “use” and when a defect prevents a driver from being able to use the car in the way he or she wants, it may be a lemon.
  • Value – The value of a car naturally decreases over time. Older cars are typically worth less than new ones. However, unrepaired defects can lower the value of a vehicle far beyond what it should normally be and can cause the vehicle owner to accept less when selling it.
  • Safety – The most important of the three factors, safety can compromise the occupant’s well being and cause the value of a vehicle to decrease to almost nothing. Defective brakes that don’t stop the car or the car’s engine shutting off on the freeway are classic examples of safety related defects.

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