Unfair Business Practice Allegations Between Honda Dealerships

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Family Feud over Online Honda Sales

For years, the owners of Saccucci Honda (located in Middletown, Rhode Island) struggled to compete with behemoth dealerships, such as Boch Honda, the most famous Southern New England Honda dealership. The owners of Saccucci Honda, an 83-year-old grandmother and her two adult (50s) daughters, were using traditional means to drum up business – to little success. Then the family struck upon a brilliant idea -- empower a grandson of the clan, computer geek and entrepreneur Gardiner Reynolds, to sell extended warranties over the web at sites like www.hondapartsdealer.com and www.myhondawarranty.com.

Gardiner’s intuitive plan helped put Saccucci Honda on the map. By leveraging the power of the web and implementing unique and cost-effective strategies to optimize volume, Reynolds stole business from much bigger dealerships that felt were the victim of an unfair business practice.

Saccucci Honda's success online did not sit well with all members of the extended Honda family. The company's National Dealer Advisory Board voted to stop Saccucci Honda from selling volume-extended service contracts over the web. But the “Little Dealership That Could” fought back and got a restraining order, and the internecine battle continued.

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