Urgent Recall Issued over 2013 Ford Escape for Fire Hazard

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The 2013 Ford Escape is being recalled due to a critical failure in the vehicle’s fuel line according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Approximately 9,320 vehicles with a 1.6 liter engine manufactured between October 5, 2011 and July 11, 2012 have been recalled by Ford. The vehicle’s defective fuel system can result in the fuel line splitting, allowing gasoline to leak out. Should the gas leak near an ignition source, a fire may break out in the vehicle.

The defect was first discovered when a fire broke out while Ford was delivering vehicles from a manufacturing plant to a dealer. Because of the sudden and serious nature of the defects in new vehicles, Ford has urged all vehicle owners to immediately stop using their cars. Ford is also contacting owners about the problem who are also being informed that engine compartment fuel lines will be replaced by dealers without charge.

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