VW Reaches a $1 Billion Deal After Diesel Emissions Scandal

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Volkswagen Emission Scandal | Los Angeles LawyerAfter the large scandal in which Volkswagen admitted that they placed devices within several models of their diesel vehicles, they are still making deals in order to pay back all of the victims that unknowingly purchased a vehicle that wasn’t up to the standards they expected.

In this scandal, it was found that Volkswagen knowingly had devices placed in their diesel vehicles that would turn on the minute the car was hooked up to an emissions test in order to fool the test into thinking that the car was clean in its production. In reality, these switches were actually hiding 40% of the emissions that the vehicles were outputting. Therefore, Volkswagen is a part of one of the largest recalls in history.

Volkswagen not only is being held liable for vehicles that were fraudulently manufactured and are required to bring those vehicles up to code, but also must offer to buy-back those vehicles that can’t be brought to code.

In this most recent deal, Volkswagen was given $1 billion to put toward the retrofitting or full buy-back of 80,000 3-liter diesel vehicles.

In a previous deal, Volkswagen reached a $15 billion agreement for the 2-liter diesel vehicles that are a part of this scandal, which totals nearly 500,000 cars.

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While the vehicles have lost value because they have fraudulent emission switches in them, consumers are also concerned about the lost brand value from Volkswagen’s scandal. If you own a vehicle that is a part of the Volkswagen emission scandal, we encourage you to contact our attorney, Howard D. Silver, for a free evaluation of your case. Mr. Silver may be able to seek legal compensation for your vehicle along with an increase due to the lost brand value.

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Posted Date: 
Friday, January 13, 2017