Watch Out for Winter Weather Damage When Buying a Used Car

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With winter weather comes more precarious situations for cars in California. In fact, many used cars sold both during and after the winter months may be suffering from damage that resulted from exposure to winter’s damaging conditions. Some used car dealers or individual sellers may attempt to sell these types of cars without telling potential buyers about their true condition. When that happens, used car fraud may have taken place.

While Southern California is renowned for its pleasant weather year-round, certain areas are subject to harsh conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions often take their toll on vehicles, including:



  • Corrosion – In areas affected by snow, salt is often used to make roadways safer. However, salt on the roads can corrode metal and damage vital parts of the vehicle, such as brakes and axles, which can result in major accidents.
  • Floodwater Damage – Overflowing of water from spillways and reservoirs can cause unexpected floods in even the most urban of areas resulting in severe vehicle damage. Cars damaged by floodwater can be superficially repaired to appear as if they have no damage. However, water damage can destroy a car’s electrical and computer systems and cause airbag and antilock brake malfunctions.
  • Wind Damage – High winds can quickly pick up and endanger both people and their vehicles with little forewarning. Strong winds can damage vehicles by dropping branches, power lines, light poles, and even entire trees on them. While many damaged cars can be repaired, not all used car owners fix their vehicles properly resulting in serious hidden damage to their cars.

Many people every year are negatively affected by used car dealers that withhold vehicle damage information, leaving buyers with huge costs and debt on what they thought was a good deal. Los Angeles used car fraud attorney Howard D. Silver can help you recover the costs of both buying the vehicle and the repairs that resulted. For more information on how Howard Silver can help you, call (866) 49-LEMON today.