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Sometimes, when a company is attempting to get a person to pay off their bills, they will sell the bill to a debt collection agency. This agency will then work to get you to pay your bill in a timely manner. While they’re supposed to do this in a pleasant and non-threatening way, many debt collection agencies have turned to intimidating and invasive tactics that can be illegal.

If you are suffering because a debt collection agency won’t leave you and your family alone, there may be legal grounds for a lawsuit. Our San Bernardino debt collection attorney can help you be free from your torment and seek out justified debt collection tactics.

A debt collection agency is required to inform those that are in debt about fair and easy ways to pay off their debts. They are also required to inform them of penalties and interest that may accrue due to late or incomplete payments. However, many agencies do not prefer to be paid in small amounts and will become overzealous in their pursuit of payment in full. They may call incessantly and even begin to make house calls. These types of practices are punishable and should be reported.

The debt collection agencies may also resort to illegal action in order to get payments completed. This may be because the agency gets paid based upon commission. No matter the reason, illegal activity on the part of the collection agency is something that our attorney, Howard D. Silver, can help you with.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, August 19, 2015