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Welcome to the lemon law blog of the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the areas of law that the firm practices in California as well as national lemon law news, consumer protection rights and other pertinent legal issues on a country-wide level to provide readers with valuable automotive information and resources.

Lemon laws vary from state to state, but the emphasis on consumer protection is widespread. Americans have valued the privilege of buying cars for decades not only as vital modes of transportation, but as reflections of our persona. Whether we would like to admit it or not, cars throughout the United States may not always maintain their performance, usefulness, or safety for the amount of time we expect for a variety of reasons. This lemon law blog will address automotive matters relating to what a consumer can do if a vehicle fails to function properly or does not conform to its warranty. We will also write about different consumer guides to buying new and used vehicles as well as covering a range of steps to protect consumers from auto repair fraud and used car fraud.

Car owners in the U.S. are also greatly affected by unfair business practices in which a consumer may be deceived or mislead when trying to obtain money that is owed to them for expenses associated with a vehicle. Automotive fraud has become a bigger problem than ever before due to the struggling economy, the high costs of auto repair and heightened consumer desire to purchase used cars to save money. Consumers who have requested a refund for a defective vehicle and received nothing in return may qualify under the lemon law for the state in which they live to take certain legal action.

The Law Offices of Howard D. Silver’s blog will serve as a forum for Howard D. Silver to share his experience in California automotive lemon law, used car lemon law and auto repair fraud, as well as unfair and deceptive business practices in relation to his knowledge of these issues on a national scope. In assisting his clients in receiving money back or a replacement vehicle for when a car does not conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts, Howard D. Silver recognizes the importance of consumers understanding the lemon law on a national level. Please visit the lemon law blog again for more lemon law and consumer protection information!