What Information was Leaked in the Ashley Madison Hack?

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In a recent hack, a giant amount of information was leaked on the Internet from a website that promotes cheating, known as Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is a site that facilitates married persons finding someone to cheat with. In this recent hack, hundreds of thousands of people’s information was released for the public to see.

The Ashley Madison hack revealed information as simple as email addresses, but could have revealed credit card information, address information, and personal information like the amount of times a person cheated on their spouse using the site.

What to do if Your Information has been Hacked

If you have had your information exposed by Ashley Madison or in any other way, your identity could be at risk. If you have had a problem with your identity being used fraudulently, our Los Angeles identity theft attorney can help you file a lawsuit to protect yourself.

People that commit identity theft can use your information to steal your money, take out loans, even purchase property. The amount of damage they can do to your credit is endless, so protect yourself now by hiring our attorney, Howard D. Silver.

We will work to reverse any damage done by the people that have stolen your identity and seek damages against any credit problems they’ve caused. Call our San Bernardino identity theft attorney at (855) 341-2611 so we can help you with your case.

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015