What Motorcycle Defects Could Cause a Rider to be Ejected?

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One of the worst accidents that a motorcyclist could experience is being ejected from his or her bike. While these incidents can be caused by colliding with an object in the road or being struck by a vehicle, they can also come from the motorcycle itself. While defects can affect any part of a motorcycle, some can cause a dangerous accident.


So Cal Motorcycle Defect

Motorcycle ejections are most commonly caused by either the vehicle coming to a complete and sudden halt, or being struck in a manner that throws the rider from his or her seat. Since motorcyclists are not wearing restraints, there is little that they can do to prevent this from happening.

Commonly, motorcycle defects that impact the engine or handling of the bike can cause the vehicle to lose control. If this happens, an accident is very likely to happen. If the rider cannot brake, he or she may collide with an object and be ejected. Additionally, problems with the steering can cause the motorcycle to veer into nearby hazards propelling the rider off the bike when it collapses to the ground or hits something.

Defect-related events can also bring the motorcycle to a sudden and violent stop. If a tire blows out, the motorcycle can suddenly pitch forward or backward, slam into the ground, or lay down. In any event, the rider can be tossed from the bike.

These dangers should not be tolerated by any motorcycle owner. If your vehicle is experiencing recurring defects, it may qualify as a lemon and be eligible for a replacement or refund. To learn more, contact motorcycle lemon attorney Howard D. Silver at the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver by dialing (866) 49-LEMON. With our help, you can be free of your defective motorcycle and feel safer on the road.