What You Need to Know About the Minnesota Lemon Law

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Minnesota’s lemon law covers new motor vehicles purchased or leased in Minnesota. The law includes passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans and parts of an RV. Used vehicles that are still under the original manufacturer’s warranty are also covered. The vehicles must be used at least 40 percent of the time for personal, family or household purposes. The first report of a defect must occur within the warranty period or two years, whichever comes first, for the law to apply.

In Minnesota, the manufacturer or authorized dealer must repair the vehicle, even after the warranty has expired, if the defect is covered by the warranty and the problem was initially reported during the warranty period or within two years of purchase. The law says that the vehicle owner may qualify for a refund of the purchase price or a replacement under the following circumstances:

  • Four or more unsuccessful attempts to repair the defect have been made, or
  • One unsuccessful attempt to repair a failure in the steering or braking system that could cause serious injury or death, or
  • The car has been out of service for 30 cumulative business days

The manufacturer is not required to give a refund or a replacement if the defect does not significantly reduce the use or value of the vehicle or the problem occurred because of abuse, neglect or alterations by the owner.

Lemon laws vary by state and often include specific criteria that must be met in order for a vehicle to qualify. If you have purchased a lemon vehicle in California and need guidance through the process, call California lemon law attorney, Howard D. Silver at 1-(855) 341-2611 today.