Woman Faces Difficulties Collecting $10 Million Verdict from Debt Collection Agency

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In August 2011, West Virginia housewife Diana Mey was awarded $10,860,000 in damages from a lawsuit she filed against a debt collector. May, who has not been able to collect any money as of yet, contended that the debt collector used abusive and unjustified tactics to collect a debt. According to ABC News, Reliant Financial Associates (RFA) began harassing Mey in 2010, including threatening foreclosure on her home for a debt she did not owe.

After Mey wrote a cease-and-desist letter to the agency, she began receiving hang-up calls disguised as the local sheriff’s department on her caller I.D. Finally, she answered the phone and was repeatedly called vulgar disgusting names and threatened with violent sexual acts. Fortunately, Mey recorded the entire two-minute call, called the police, and eventually connected the call to RFA after researching the company’s tactics online and learning of sexual calls that had been linked to them before.

Subsequent to the verdict, RFA, the company, disappeared, but has been identified as a fictitious business name for Global AG, LLC, which has run several of these types of agencies in the past. While Mey might never receive the $10 million she was awarded, she is proud of her battle against the company and the message it sends to other debt collectors to obey the law.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015