World’s Largest Debt Collection Agency Fined $3.2 Million by FTC

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Expert Global Solutions, the world’s largest debt collection agency, was fined recently a total of $3.2 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to USA Today, the FTC says the company violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). According to the FTC, the debt collection company violated the law by calling debtors multiple times throughout the day and after being asked to stop, calling workplaces and by leaving messages about debts with people other than persons who owed the money. Further, the agency continued to try and collect debts after consumers denied owing any money.

In addition to paying the $3.2 million fine, the agency must also stop communication after a person requests an end to the contact, record at least 75% of their calls, and not falsely claim they will stop calling about a debt. Finally, the company must not harass or abuse a consumer over a debt, contact third parties or call a debtor’s workplace. Do not tolerate unfair debt collection practices. Call attorney Howard Silver for a free consultation about your case and your rights as a consumer. With the help of the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver, available at (818) 597-2610, you can put an end to abusive tactics and recover the money you have have lost due to wrongful actions.