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June 21, 2017
There are many ways that people may try to scam you when selling a used car but you may not know all the different car fraud tactics that they use. In the video below, consumer rights attorney Howard D. Silver of the Law Offices of Howard Silver explains a few of the most used tactics sellers use... Read More
Category: Car Fraud
May 23, 2017
If you have information on your credit report that is a mistake and the credit bureaus won’t fix it, you need the help of experienced consumer rights attorney Howard D. Silver. In the video below, he explains how he can help you deal with uncooperative credit bureaus to get your credit report where... Read More
Category: Credit Damage
May 12, 2017
In the video blow, consumer rights attorney Howard D. Silver explains a situation in which an individual was the victim of consumer fraud. It’s important to understand your rights in this situation if this ever happens to you.​ If you believe you’ve been the victim of consumer fraud, contact the... Read More
Category: Car Fraud
April 24, 2017
If you’ve recently bought a vehicle and you’re unsure if what you purchased is defective or a ‘lemon,’ watch our video below. In the video, consumer rights attorney Howard Silver explains scenarios which would constitute a lemon. California lemon law is designed to help you in this situation but... Read More
Category: Lemon Law
November 28, 2016
In this video, our attorney, Howard D. Silver, discusses the important steps to take or NOT to take if you’ve been the victim of identity theft. There are some very crucial bits of information that will protect you here: To contact us for a free consultation, please call 855-341-2611. Mr. Silver... Read More
Category: Identity Theft
November 16, 2016
If you believe that your identity has been stolen, there are a lot of steps to take in order to ensure that you can stop further theft and to make sure that you won’t have to pay for the debts incurred through theft. In this video, our attorney explains the right steps to take after being... Read More
Category: Identity Theft
November 11, 2016
If you have purchased a vehicle that has had a lot of problems from the minutes you brought the vehicle home, there are legal options that you can take to get financial restitution for your lemon vehicle. In this video, our attorney, Howard D. Silver, explains the problems required for a lemon law... Read More
Category: Lemon Law
September 18, 2015
Westgate Resorts was found guilty of consumer fraud in a lawsuit in April and are now hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court will review the lawsuit with the hopes that it will be overturned. Westgate Resort is a timeshare company that was sued for allegedly not providing accurate information to... Read More
September 18, 2015
A class-action lawsuit has been filed by several owners of 2015 Honda CR-V vehicles. The plaintiffs allege that their vehicles vibrate while they're in use and that the vibration is so severe is can even make people sick, causing nausea, back pain, and headaches. In several of the cases, the buyers... Read More
Category: Lemon Law
February 20, 2015
If you have a vehicle that is deemed to be a "lemon," you have certain rights under the California Lemon Law. In most instances, the manufacturer buys the vehicle back from you and you receive a refund of your money. At this point, your lemon law claim is settled and you get to move on with your... Read More
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