Consumer Protection

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As a consumer, you have to trust that anything you buy or any service you pay for is in fact what it says it is. Fortunately, in California, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act helps protect consumers against fraud and deceptive practices. In the video below, experienced consumer advocate attorney Howard D. Silver talks about the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and how it helps Californians from unfair and unlawful practices.

It can be hard to know how to protect yourself as a consumer. In the video below, consumer advocate attorney Howard Silver explains a couple simple steps you should always take when dealing with contracts and agreements.

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In an example of the type of protection California’s laws attempt to provide consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices, a Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge ruled that U-Haul engaged in “unlawful and fraudulent business practices” when they advised agents to book reservations of trucks and trailers without knowing if it will have the equipment available when and where customers need it.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Ohio Attorney General is suing a car dealer for breaking several consumer protection laws. According to the article, the company allegedly sold vehicles without divulging financial terms, tampered with a vehicle’s odometer in at least one case, and failed to provide dated sales receipts.