The Basics of Alabama Lemon Law

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Alabama lemon law is similar to other states in that the owner of a problematic new vehicle may be able to obtain a replacement vehicle or a refund of his money, if the manufacturer fails to fix the problems after a reasonable number of attempts.

Lemon law in Alabama (found under state statute 8-20A) only pertains to new motor vehicles, described as any self moving vehicle primarily used on municipal roads, and which possesses a carmaker’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of under 10,000 pounds. For that reason, motor homes are not protected under AL lemon law.

A vehicle is deemed a lemon if its imperfections cannot be satisfactorily reconciled after at least three repair attempts by the carmaker. It can also be deemed a lemon if the car is held in the manufacturer’s possession for 30 calendar days or more for repairs. That said, these conditions only apply when the repair attempts occur during the first 24,000 miles or 2 years of ownership, whichever happens first. Also, a manufacturer must be informed in writing about the problems during the first 12,000 miles or one year following the initial sale.

Lemon laws can be complex and confusing, varying from state to state. That’s why you may wish to consult an experienced lemon law attorney in your area for help. If you think your car may be a lemon, call Southern California lemon law lawyer Howard D. Silver at 855-341-2611 for a free consultation.