Beware of Increased Title Washing Dealer Fraud

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While there are many ways in which a used car dealer can commit fraud, a new form of fraud, known as title washing (hiding past damage), is beginning to emerge in cases across the United States.

Title washing can be done in two ways. First, dealers use vehicle documentation laws from other states to hide information such as flood damage and salvaged titles. By hiding this information, dealers can trick consumers into believing the car is in much better shape than it truly is.

The second form of title washing can occur when a dealer fraudulently files paperwork in another state to obtain a duplicate title for the vehicle. The duplicate title does not mention the prior damage to the car and is given to customers instead of the true title.

These forms of fraud can lead to a consumer purchasing a defective vehicle or paying more money than the car is worth. If you have been the victim of these types of practices, the Los Angeles used car dealer fraud attorney, Howard D. Silver, can assist in recovering your money. Contact the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver today for a free consultation about your case at (866) 49-LEMON.