California DMV Makes it Easier for Consumers to Access Used Car History

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California is now one of 31 states to offer the public online access to used car history reports after consumers rallied for DMV report procedures to be more consumer-friendly. In fact, according to a national report from the LA Times website, California residents desiring to purchase a used vehicle can now check the history of the vehicle online for a small fee of $4; a charge significantly less than other car information firms.

The new arrangement, run by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for the Justice Department, will allow residents to purchase a detailed outline of a used car’s background, including information from insurance companies, auto-body shops, junkyards, and other sources that reveal if a car was stolen or if the odometer was modified. Prior to the new setup, the DMV had an agreement with an outside source, R. I. Polk & Co., who maintained an extensive car history database. However, that agreement gave Polk the right to sell information to the public at its own discretion.

A consumer group, Consumer Action, says the new DMV data reporting system, 18 years in the making, will help shoppers to be more careful when considering a used car and avoid poorly maintained and unsafe vehicles. To have your vehicle assessed, check out

Knowing a used car’s history is important to consumers and agencies alike. Although no one expects that their vehicle will end up being a lemon, it can happen to anyone. If you have experienced unrelenting defects with your vehicle, including returning your car for multiple repairs for the same problem, skilled lemon California vehicle lawyer Howard D. Silver may be able to help you obtain a replacement vehicle or your money back. Call 855-341-2611 for a free comprehensive consultation.

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