California Motorcycle Lemon Law

Lemon Law Attorney Serving Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino Counties and Other Areas in California


Have you recently purchased a new or used motorcycle and discovered significant defects in performance, safety, or usefulness? If so, you may be able to pursue legal claims under the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act or more commonly known as the California Lemon Law. To make a viable claim under California Lemon Law for a defective or under-performing motorcycle, you must establish a number of facts:

  1. You must show that you legally bought or leased your bike in California.
  2. You must have a legitimate warranty for the bike that explicitly provides coverage for the type of damage or defect you've experienced.
  3. You must show that you took the motorcycle to an authorized repair facility to get it fixed and that after a "reasonable" number of attempts to repair defects, problems persisted.

Given all these provisions, it's understandable that even legally-minded motorcycle drivers may have a difficult time understanding their rights and obligations under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Fortunately, the law offices of Howard Silver are here to serve you. Howard Silver is one of the California's most well reputed and results-proven California motorcycle lemon law attorneys. He has helped his clients recover the necessary compensation over the past two decades and demonstrated a remarkable success rate of over 95%. Explore the information we have here for you on our motorcycle lemon law website, or dial 1 (866) 49-LEMON to set up a free consultation.