Car Dealer Notification of Lemon Law Resale Notices

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While it may be tempting to purchase the first used car that you see, especially if the price is right, there are a few issues relating to a vehicle’s history that you may want to check first. The Seattle Medium recently reported that a car dealer in Washington failed to provide used car buyers with lemon law resale notices on more than one occasion. The lemon law in Washington requires used car dealers to properly disclose the circumstances of a vehicle’s history, which includes whether it was returned to the manufacturer under a Lemon buyback program.

According to the article, the Washington dealership did not inform an SUV buyer that the vehicle had been returned to the manufacturer under a Lemon buyback program and then resold at a California auction. In response to the incident of used car fraud, the Washington Consumer Protection Division Chief of the State Attorney General’s Office stated that although a consumer may purchase a vehicle if he or she knows it may have potential problems due to its history, a consumer should at least be aware of these issues.

While this particular used car fraud case occurred in Washington, similar situations arise in California. Before you buy a used car in California, refer to the California DMV’s website to learn more about vehicle history disclosure requirements.

While all dealerships and sellers are legally obligated to disclose a vehicle’s salvage title and history, the law is more difficult to enforce than most consumers realize. If you believe that the seller or dealer who sold you your used car did not disclose its correct vehicle history, contact Howard D. Silver. As a skilled used car fraud attorney in California, Howard Silver can evaluate your specific situation and help you decide on the best course of action. Call 855-341-2611 today for a free consultation.